Synthesia’s TikTok Success Story: A “Smart” Way To Promote AI

Discover Synthesia’s TikTok success story. Learn how they utilized AI for dynamic content creation, boosted follower count, and engagement, and how you can replicate this ‘smart’ strategy for your brand.
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The Company

Synthesia is an AI video generation platform enabling you to create videos with AI avatars in over 60 languages quickly. It includes templates, a screen recorder, a media library, and more. In addition, the AI avatar generates spoken text to deliver a personalized experience based on your needs and goals.

Smart, Savvy And Sharp TikTok Strategy

TikTok is the perfect platform to advertise our brand and generate a lot of exposure. The best feature of our partnership was that we could leverage TikTok’s powerful tools and functionality to create content and get more engagement on the video.

Young With Solutions and Synthesia collaborated on brand promotion and consultation. We began by running two video promotions on CEO Timote Chanut’s personal TikTok account, with the first video receiving 33M views! As a result of how well it did, we decided to launch their page at

Using their platform, we produced entirely automated videos discussing recent developments in artificial intelligence. Additionally, we started creating Lives on TikTok, in which two AI interact with one another. It worked wonders; every live received over 50k views.

The Challenge

We devised a winning formula that included working with content creators. But it quickly became apparent that this had to be something more: talking about creating with Synthesia was great. So then it was a matter of organization and building systems to have the AIs Live and keep the page growing.

Another challenge was converting people because we used to ask people to click the link in their bio. Still, with the new strategy and using an AI avatar, it came to us for a free press, so we stopped pitching directly, and visitors started coming on their search results or through influencers’ posts.

The Breakthrough

Analytics displayed half a million followers,  33 million+ views, over 50K views on TikTok Live and a staggering 30% increase in overall engagement. 

The success of Synthesia is rooted in the fact that we thought of a solution rather than a problem. Our mission has always been to help content creators connect the dots between their lives and those of their fans, fans, and other brands to build greater value for all.

The Takeaway

We often try to fit our brand into a particular mold and need more innovation. Yet, with some time, great ideas that were previously thought to be impossible have come true!

Good ideas usually take time to come to us, and they are just not as obvious as they seem. Therefore, we spend more time testing new ideas to give them a chance to succeed by getting feedback from the customer.

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